quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

O Mundo 'real' vs Web

«This year Lift France with Fing will explore how the technologies and concepts of the web are changing the real world today and in the future. For the last 20 years, networked technologies have redistributed the power of imagining, evaluating, and acting. No frontier has remained fixed. No longer the world's factory, Asia has become a major source of innovation. Consumers have also become producers. The divisions between industries or disciplines are being redefined. This change extends far beyond the digital. It transforms manufacturing, learning, cities, public policy, perhaps even our own minds… The Web changes the world – But to what extent? With what limitations? How can it reach its full potential»

Uma conferência que serviu para discutir e colocar questões prementes sobre a mundialização que nos governa. E ainda para questionar o contributo do universo digital nas mudanças do real.

De destacar a participação do criativo açoriano Manuel Lima, um dos membros do painel 'Embracing Complexity'. A acompanhar com redobrado interesse.


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