segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

Diving in Azores

«Diving with more than 20 Manta Rays "Mobula tarapacana" in Princess Alice Bank located in the North Atlantic Ocean in the Azores Islands, 45 Miles off Faial island.

Princess Alice is one of the top dives in the world for experienced divers. Although the specie of Manta is different from the one that can be found in famous places like Yap, Maldives or Socorro islands (Manta birostris) it is a dive that can easily be matched with these destinations to observe the gentle giants.

Princess Alice is a mountain that arises from more than 1000 meters depth until a minimum of 32 meters under the surface. It takes 3h30 to get there from Horta (Faial island). It is what we can call a real "Dive in the Big Blue".

The images where recorded in August 2009 during two dives with Dive Azores».

Via Best Travel Tips


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